How does this website work?

Amazon sellers publish FREE SAMPLES here to encourage buyers to experience their products.

As a buyer, follow the steps below to get your unlimited free samples.

1. Browse and select products you like on our site. Place order on Amazon.

2. Try out your new purchase. Share your honest product review on Amazon.

How to use the coupon code?

Before you checkout, there is a text box saying "Add a gift card or promotion code". Enter the coupon code then you will get the discount.

Special Note: Please check out discount product one at a time with coupon code. Sometime coupon code won't work if multiple discount products are in the shopping cart.

Can we use more than one of coupon codes in the same purchase?

We can definitely try it out, some time it works. But, in most case, unfortunately seller creates exclusive coupon code, which mean it can't be applied together with other codes. Please check out the discount product one by one. Also we can purchase with other non discount items to save the shipping fee if needed.

What if I don't want the product anymore?

Go to the menu "my coupons", then click the button "Cancel" to let us know.

Any limit on the number of coupons I can get?

There is NO limited for the number of coupon you can receive. Feel free to shop as many as you like. Enjoy~

Am I required to leave a review after purchase product from DealGoGoGo?

No,Buyer is NOT required to write a review after purchase from DealGoGoGo. All purchases from DealGoGoGo should be treated the same as you would treat any other full price item you purchase from Amazon.

If I choose to leave a review, is there any guildeline for the review?

If you do want to let Amazon or other shopper to know your opinion, which is very important and helpful for Amazon market, we encourage you to write honest and helpful reviews.

What should I do, if I am unable to purchase the discount product due to invalid code, inventory issue, shipping issue, etc.

Please login to your account, go to "My Coupon" page:

Option #1. Press the Green "Contact Seller" button to reach to the seller. The Amazon seller will help you to fix it, if they do good customer service.

What if I change my mind and don't want to make the purchase after received the coupon code. encourage shoppers to think twice before apply for coupon and commit the purchase after receiving it. Because we are unable to redeliver it to other passionate fellows once handed it out.

If you do change your mind:

Please login to your account, go to "My Coupon" page: Press the "Cancel" button to tell you DON'T want to make the purchase anymore. The system will clear out this product for you.

When does website updated the site with new products?

1. New product releasing could happens at any time, because we are trying to get good deal to shopper/reviewer as soon as possible.

2. Good new is everybody have chances to get the code on the days follow the releasing day. Because we only delivery a certain amount of codes each day. The website do the code update at 12am Pacific Time.

3. We are planing to move the everyday updating time to 5pm pacific time for east coast fellows. Please keep an eye on the change.

Any of my personal information will be provided to seller by

No, absolutely NOT. does not have any of your personal information, except your registered Email address and Amazon reviewer profile.

Seller may get access to your other inform from other channels after you made the purchase, for example through Amazon seller's account.